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The Water Lily Studios

Built out in a formerindustrial warehouse space, the facility is a perfect example of urban reclamation and gentrification on Austin's hip East Side. Our facility has been constructed with the finest sustainable materials, such as our ecological bamboo flooring, used throughout. This has been done not only to maintain an earth-friendly philosophy, but also to create a natural, harmonious environment in which your energies can flow.

Our facilities comprise two extra large dancefloor studios, which can be subdivided with retractable soundproof baffles for smaller classes. We also have built for your comfort and pleasure two full teak sauna rooms, four luxurious massage rooms, and full shower and locker facilities for your personal convenience and enjoyment.

Our Instructors

The combined talent and experience of our instructor staff assure that your experience at and Health Spa will be unparalleled. Please meet some of our senior staff below! We train all of our licensed staff in the finest points of respectful yet personal fitness training and service.

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Tammy Ferguson


Tammy is AlternativeFitness' Chief Instructor and trainer of our instructors staff. With over 20 years experience as a teacher and practitioner, Tammy enjoys seeing the enlightenment on the faces of new members who experience the joys of yoga practice for the first time. She is always available for questions or help.

Rebecca Lane

Becky's serious study of yoga began when she entered our certification program in 2006 and became a registered yoga teacher a year later. She has training in Hatha, Ashtanga, and Prenatal yoga. She has a deep and devoted following with regular patrons attending her classes. She also loves to work with new practitioners as well.

Marin Liebe

Marin came to us recently to fill a gap in our staff as we were looking for an experienced masseuse to lead our massage therapy team. With a degree in Kinesiology and Physical Therapy, as well as 4 years experience in management, Marin has quickly become irreplaceable.

Dorothy Milton

Dorothy (Dotty) is our facilities and business manager, and often the first voice and face of our studio when you call or come in the door. A longtime practitioner of Ashtanga herself, Dotty can relate to our customers and help them with their needs, be it payments, scheduling, or just choosing the right class to get started in yoga.